Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ship?

We currently ship via UPS ground on all new orders unless a customer requests rush shipping.

How long will it take to get my trophy?

In general we ship your order within 48 hours. It depends upon what time of the year you order. We always try to accommodate our customers’ requested date of delivery; however, there may be a rush charge on orders requesting delivery within 1 week of the order date.

How are the engraved plates attached?

With strong double sided adhesive tape.

How many plates will my trophy have when I receive it?

It will have a front plate that will list your League name or trophy name and any graphics that you choose. It will also have another plate that lists the previous winners. Typically, if you have more than 10 previous winners we will attach an additional plate if needed to another side of the trophy. We do not attach blank plates to your trophy.

How do I get my trophy updated?

Simply return to the web site and click on “Trophy Updates”. The site will walk you through the process.

Will the update include the previously engraved information?

Yes. Until a plate is full we will engrave the previous information and add the new line. When the plate is full we will engrave your update on a new or empty plate and mail it to you. (In this case you will not want to remove the old plate. You will just peel and stick the plate to another side of the base.)

Do you need the previously engraved information?

No. We keep a file on each trophy we sell to make updates as easy as possible.

How is the trophy updated?

We engrave a new plate and mail it to you.

Are the engraved plates made of plastic?

No. They are metal.

How do I attach the new plate?

Simply peel off the old plate and stick on the new plate.

How do I remove the old plate?

We suggest that you bend up each of the corners of the plate that you intend to replace. This can be done with a credit card and a finger nail. By bending up each of the corners BEFORE you pull off the plate you are preventing the opposing corner from damaging the base.

How much does an update cost?

$25. Except the Super Bowl Trophy Update which is $30.

Do I send my trophy back to get updated?

NO! The beauty of the system is that you never send your trophy back to us. Thus, you are avoiding potential shipping damage. We ship a new engraved plate to you. This ensures that your engraving always looks professional with the same fonts at the same size.

How long does it take to get a trophy update?

We typically ship updates in 48 hours. It depends on the time of season. Your update will ship via US Mail.

What if I need more than one year updated? Does it cost more?

Yes, every update is charged individually.

Can I have a custom logo on my trophy?

Yes. Just attach an e-mail.

How much does engraving cost?

All engraving is free with your initial order. This simplifies the process and allows you to list all previous winners without incurring huge engraving charges if your league has been in existence for many years.

What if I am disappointed with the trophy’s quality?

Return it and we will refund the cost of the trophy as long as the trophy is returned in the same condition as it was sent in. We take great pride in our awards and are told that they are the best with respect to quality and value. To date, we have never had to refund a trophy for this reason.

How many years worth of engraving will the trophy display?

Most styles are able to list about 30 lines of engraving. A line generally consists of year- owner’s name- and team name

Can I list the second place team and or scores?

We strongly suggest that you only list the winner’s name – Team name – and year. When you include more information you use up valuable space and who cares about who finished second.